I’ve been with this girl for almost a year.this is the first time we’ve kinda officially started to get serious ( we were on and off over the past couple of years). Everything was going great but we were keeping our relationship quiet due to the fact of our crazy ex boyfriends and girlfriends. One day she was caught into being focused to kiss this guy after we promised each other that we wouldn’t kiss other people. I took her back because I love her but I asked her does she still love me first before I made my decision and she said yes, but ever since she hasn’t been the same, I call her and we you chat for minutes instead of hours and we only see each other in school now ( she is very busy and I respect that) but we used to fit each other into our busy weeks. Also when I ask her what’s wrong she won’t talk to me about it. I’m in bits because I really love her but I feel like I’m putting in 90% and only getting 10% back,I really don’t want to lose her, please help me what should I do ?.

Jon Says: February 21st, 2012 at 12:22 pm My gf & I got into a huge fight and used a lot of profanity towards her. We live together (LC?), but she has been staying w/ her parents since the fight (NC?). It will be 3 weeks tomorrow and I don’t know where we stand (not officially broken up). She told me I can move on if I need to. She’s been ignoring 95% of my calls/texts. The book says LAC since I’m officially together, but should I change my approach? Thanks!


burnit Says: March 23rd, 2012 at 7:14 am My gf and i argue close to what seems EVERY night. we’ve been going out for a year now and the relationship has been slowly going down, i dont trust her at all due to a previous relationship. and i also found her talking to a guy on the phone for about an hour. whenever we argue i just go all out and say exactly what im feeling and though i am being extremely blunt she calls me an asshole. she cries close to every night now but she loves me so much she hasnt ended it. at times i just wanna give up on the relationship bc idk what is going to happen anymore. ive tried to fix what im doing wrong but its harder than it seems. sometimes i just wanna end it and leave to the marines in order to get away. im tired of being in this relationship but at the same time i fucking love this girl. this isthe longest relationship ive had and i dont know how to deal with it. what can i do?

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