You say that you are in love with your submissive husband, and I believe you, and as you said I'll kiss my theory away, I have no problem with learning and understanding from others, or else I wouldn't be reading on sites like Taken In Hand.

"Pat", you said :

I am in love with a (mostly) submissive man.

I assume thus that your husband is (mostly) under your authority and under your wings ,and when a bad or good times or incident happes in your family you are (mostly) to be the strong leader through bad and good times, and you get only his support, he s your asistant, by this you've let me kiss my theory goodbye, because to me this what I've been talking about for not being a true man holding his responsibilities and not embracing his authority, (my theory was to believe that a manhood and womenhood are like a small seed that needs be nurtured and trained to become mature and strong in each man or woman thus making them a woman and a man different and complementary to each other, and in the case of your husband he didn't get that nurturing because your husband had a weak father, because in my kissed-goodbye theory , I used to think an abusive man is weak like the submissive is ,but you've told the opposite regarding the submissive man.

So for a condition for a woman, any woman, to love a man ,not just be satisfied pleased or happy with, to be in authority over his wife -- this theory is kissed goodbye by me with the help of "Pat".

by Hadi77 on 2004 Dec 21 - 05:44 | reply to this comment Hadi's viewpoint Hadi 77 you wrote:

I am sure that every woman loves a strong man and hates a weak man, so every women likes to be led by a man

Even through all your point/counterpoint with Pat and Louise, it still stands that a statement like the one above is a fallacy. If you write that statement because of a personal belief system that you have that is backed up by one or two personal anecdotes that you have seen..........well, get out and see the world and talk to people!! The world is so very vast and people's likes and dislikes are so very personal to them, broad statements like that just can't cover all of humanity. My favorite people are those who are different from me, I learn so much from them. An open mind is a wonderful, fulfilling thing and for me, an open mind is a tenet of my personal code of behavior. The reason I took a chance in writing this to you that you seem to have some sweetness to you and it sounds like you will be (or maybe already are) a fine head of the household one day. Take Care Adelle

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