There is a reason that the romance novel heroes are all alike, particularly in how they approach their ladies. Most women do secretly adore the type or they wouldn't be such sterotypes now, would they?

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Oct 19 - 14:49 | reply to this comment This is not for everyone I think that parts of the above plan could be wonderful and romantic for a couple who have already decided that they want a taken in hand relationship, but it would be a disastrous way to treat a woman who has never shown any previous interest in a taken in hand relationship: it's possible that she'll ecstatically collapse in your arms, but it's also possible that she'll divorce you. Also, as Louise pointed out, there are degrees of submission, and some of the tactics suggested in this article would test the limits of even the most dedicatedly submissive woman. Many women would like to have their hair brushed, but not many, submissive or not, will respond favourably to having all her clothes confiscated.

by amba_k on 2004 Oct 19 - 19:33 | reply to this comment Definitely use with caution As Trusted Scout (and everyone else so far!) says, her ideas shold be modified to suit the individuals concerned.

For myself, a foot massage would result in nasty bruises - I get into a bit of flap if my feet are touched.

And had my husband tried going out for a couple of hours (or all night) if I wasn't in the mood for sex before he became head of the household then I doubt we'd be at this stage now. Putting those sort of doubts in my mind would destroy a lot of trust I have in him, and without trust, there's problems in any relationship. Quite frankly - if he wanted to play those sort of games, then I wouldn't consider him a strong or dominant man - just a rather despicable one.

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